BlackStart is a next generation company, with the notion of “every company is a software company” in mind.


We BlackStarters, believe that, today’s technologies can only be understood and put into usage by free minds, that are open to innovations.

Whatever problem we tackle in our customers’ digital journey, we do it with a Digital Native approach, by using the same tools and methodologies that we use for ourselves.

While doing this we aim at merging the robustness of the proven technologies with the agility and the competitive advantages of the next gen technologies.

If and only if, your assertion is that, in today’s hypercompetitive environment companies can survive if and only if they adopt new ways to do their business.

While accomplishing this, substituting old technologies with the new ones would not just suffice, we have to accept and cultivate the way new generations work, putting special focus on observation, experimentation and gamification with a Management 3.0 based approach.

In a few words, we not only provide a technological change, but also the cultural transformation to ensure that all these methods/technologies are aligned with your strategic targets and sustainable within your company.


The main purpose of BlackStart is helping you fill the gap between your current situation and your vision. We believe in every business, in order to reach the company vision, there are many side errands, which on the first look feel unattractive or even unimportant to do, while on a subliminal level everyone knows that they can not go neglected.

We provide you the energy and the methodology to take all these obstacles off your way one by one and regain your company the momentum you’ve lost on the way, thus getting you free of the gravitational force of the Market.

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There may be different methodologies that you adopt and apply as an organization or individually. In the product development domain, some of those might be Agile, Kanban, Waterfall and in the sales domain, ValueSelling, Solution Selling, SPIN Selling, Challenger Sales.

As BlackStart's approach is based on enrichment, improvement and catalysis, we do not dictate any methodology, nor are we limited by any methodology.

We believe in direct communication, minimum bureaucracy and iterations in business life, and we believe that flexibility, agility and mobility are vital in today's continuously transforming business environment.


  • We are your “Advisory Board” in different and strategic areas where we have expertise and experiences, such as IT Management, Security, Governance, Product Management, Sales, Marketing.
  • Main expertise include also :
    • Establish a team and accompany to your recruitment journey
    • Define and Articulate Value Proposition for third parties (Customer, Business Partner, Service Provider, Investors etc. )
    • Coaching formulating the main message to third parties and making rehearsals
    • Build Competition Analysis
    • Customer & Market segmentation analysis
    • Analyze Revenue and Business models
    • Establish the right criteria along Go-to-Market Strategy building and execution process
    • Build and execute the right and strategic Key Account Plans
    • Harmonize Sales, Marketing and Product Management teams
  • With our field expertise and experience, we can illuminate the situation, bringing what needs to be done into broad daylight and help you make your mid/long term plans.
  • Help you take the first step and open the way for you.
  • Support in the evaluation of the project team, their motivation, culture and education.
  • Periodical observation and interference in the execution stage / realignment workshops.
  • Re-evaluation of the plans according to changing company and market dynamics.
  • A very detailed retrospective of the whole process at the end.

BlackStarters are...

Kıvılcım Hindistan
Kıvılcım Hindistan
Executive C-Level Management, Security & Governance Advisor
BlackStarter who plays, makes, learns and then some more...
Can Alaz
Can Alaz
Executive Sales & Marketing Advisor
BlackStarter who reads, insanely listens, derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

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